From Marshalls Concrete Pavers to a ‘Brick Bond’ – Zanetti company transformation

One of our more unusual projects where a redevelopment of offices and central courtyard are currently taking place.We have been tasked with installing Marshalls concrete pavers to a ‘brick bond’ pattern.The pavers are 80mm thick so substantially quite heavy.These are being laid on a traditional semi dry sand and cement bed.Once the laying is complete they will be pointed in.

The laying presents many challenges with setting out ,manhole covers to complete and ensuring accurate cuts to the perimeter.

The next phase of the project will be the treads and risers which are now underway.

The treads will have stainless steel inserts fitted.

Brookfield Canary Warf

This was a recent install by our team in London Brookfield Canary Wharf. The material used for this job was Fresh Concrete for the kitchen tops and Calacatta Vagli for the reception desk. As you can see the finished result is stunning